Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happiness Is....

There used to be a little cartoon in the newspaper that always started with "Happiness is..." It was a little modestly naked boy and girl and each cartoon had a different little line about what happiness is for the day. I tried to find a sample of it in a Google search but came up empty.

I was thinking today about what makes me happy. Until I finally get a job and my life is back on keel, the only thing that really makes me happy is going out somewhere taking photos. I think it's my escape away from the bills, away from sitting in this house doing job searches, avoiding the calls that start when a bill is a few days late. I haven't been this broke since I was in my late 20's and used to have to call mom and ask if I could borrow a few bucks until payday. I have no one to call anymore. I used to be Auntie Moneybags and I can't get used to being Auntie's Broke. LOL!

Anyway, this was about what makes me happy. LOL! There's a hot air balloon festival this weekend in Temecula. I've been wanting to go to one for so long but always missed it. Now I think about the gas for that 60 mile ride and the price of admission and I know I'll talk myself out of it tomorrow (the last day). Although, it could be my birthday present to myself. I've got to do something for me, right? I know I would escape for a while and do the one thing that really makes me happy - take photos of something new.

I guess I'll see what tomorrow will bring. Maybe I will go to church, come home and change and just bite the bullet and take off for Temecula.

For me happiness is my photography and wishing I could find a way to make some money with it. What makes you happy?


Tammie Lee said...

Did you do something for you?
I wish you a year of days that feel wonderful to you. I wish you abundance that feels great to you. I love taking photos too, we can be so present and absorbed in the moment when doing so. I love that feeling, perhaps that is what you love about taking photos?
Happy Birthday!

Mel Cole said...

I'm gonna dash in for now 2sweetnsexy. I love that Egret picture you got.