Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fighting Depression

I forgot that I started this blog. Wow. I found a job and I've been working. The problem is it is so far away I feel that I spend my whole life on the road or at work. Not much time when I get home to do anything. Still, I am so grateful for the job. My prayers go out to anyone who is still looking. All I can say is put your faith in God. I do. HE is always right on time if you believe in Him to lead and guide you. I know that He will make things all right and that the little things that are still awry (did I spell that right LOL!), will even out.

As for the fighting depression, I don't deny that I have traces of it and that I may be dealing with more of it than I will give credit to. But the way I see it, if I believe in God I can't be depressed. It can't get that far. I firmly believe that God is in control and if He is in control then there is no reason for me to get depressed. It would be easy to let go and give in to what may still be wrong BUT that would be like not believing what I believe, and what I believe is that God will make things all right. How can I delve into depression when He is the light and the way above it all?

Keep smiling. I do. Keep praising God. I do. Let Him be the rock that you stand on. Let Him be the foundation upon which you stand. No matter how far you may lean, it is the depth and strength of your foundation that will never let you fall.

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